FLS Gate Valve

FLS Type Slab Gate Valve


The Severe Service Valve FLS Gate Valve is an all forged valve developed to provide a wide range of sizes with combined manual and hydraulic actuations for 10,000 to 15,000psi. The manual operated range is 3-1/8” to 4-1/16”, and hydraulic operated range is 3-1/8” to 7-1/16”.  It’s a through conduit valve with flanged or block type configurations. Its unique metal to metal sealing technology and dual ring pre energized seals makes this our standard valve for critical applications such as Choke and Kill Manifolds and Hydraulic Fracturing.

Features and Benefits

  • Design is bi-directional giving longer life and improved versatility.
  • TC Coating is standard on Trims.
  • Alloy steel valve body heat treated to NACE specifications.
  • Precision high pressure metal to metal sealing between Gate, Seat and Body avoiding complex seals.
  • Gates and Seats are floating making simple replacement in the line with no selective fitting necessary.
  • Pre-energized Seals give excellent low pressure Stem sealing.
  • Unique double ring pre energized Seal Rings form pressure barrier for low pressure sealing also preventing media entering the body through the upstream Seat.
  • Retainer Plates prevent media entering body cavity and washing out the grease.
  • Valve has a back seating Stem to allow replacement of Stem Seal whilst under pressure.
  • Grease Fitting is behind the back seat allowing maintenance with the Stem Seal.
  • Grease Nipple position on the Stem Bearing allowing direct external lubrication during service.
  • Easy operation with line pressure increasing the sealing force.
  • Low torque design avoiding the need for excessive operation force


3-1/16"      4-1/16"      5-1/8"      7-1/16"     9"
10000psi      15000psi
-76 ℉ ~ 250 ℉
Flange  Studded Outlet
HWO      Hydraulic Operator
PSL3      PSL3G      PSL4
PR1      PR2