Frac & Manifold System


Our frac manifold design is modular, flexible, and can result in a vast array of possible configurations, while allowing for continuous operation of multiple wells, improving utilization of pumping services.

Frac Stack

A frac stack typically consists of upper and lower master valves, flow cross, wing valves, goat head, and swab valve. Frac stacks generally have larger bores and higher pressure ratings than production trees to accommodate the high flow rates and pressures necessary for hydraulic fracturing.

SSV Oil and Gas supplies and services frac stacks that temporarily replace the production wellhead during pressure pumping operations. In addition to protecting an operator’s production wellhead from the effects of pressure and abrasion during the fracturing process, our frac stacks allow high pressures and volumes of proppant to pass to the formation for maximum well response. Our frac stacks, which feature ball screw type and double acting hydraulic actuators to insure reliable operation every time, prevent costly repairs to your wellhead equipment.

Rating :  10000 thru 15000 psi
Size : from 3-1/16” thru 7-1/16”

Zipper Manifold

Flow control unit used in the pressurization of fluid employed in hydraulic fracturing.
Fracturing fluid enters the missile at low pressure and is directed to the pump trucks for pressurization. High-pressure fluid returns to the missile and is directed to the well or, in the case of a multiwell pad, to a frac manifold.

SSV Valves produces zipper manifolds 5-1/8” to 7-1/16” with a working pressure up to 15,000 PSI. These zipper manifolds may also have single, dual, or quad outlets.

Choke Manifold

 The choke manifold from SSV is characterized by safety, reliability and long-time service, which can be applied to the environment with low temperature, room temperature and high temperature. It can also perform well in the environment with high H2S.

Frac Valve

A high-pressure isolation valve fitted to the top of the wellhead on a well that is about to be hydraulically fractured. The frac valve can be closed to isolate the treating equipment from the wellbore.

SSV“FLS-R” Type Ball Screw & “FLS” Type Hydraulic Operated Frac Valve is a high-pressure isolation Gate Valve fitted to the top of the Frac Tree or Wellhead on a well that is about to be hydraulically fractured. The Frac Valve is capable of producing multi staged fracs in the toughest environments. An excellent ROI is achieved through original spare parts ......